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When you use Jorani, feel free to click the help icon (). This will give you access to the documentation of the feature you are using.

Setup & getting started


Background articles

Description of screens

Functional configuration

Reserved for users with RH permissions, these functions are summarized in the Getting Started Tutorial (coming soon).

Human Resources Management Functions

Reserved for users with HR permissions, these tips will help you catch up with employee errors and manage common situations.


Calendars are useful to check who's or not. Unless you change the default configuration, employees can access to all calendars. Some calendars have a featureallowing you to export an ICS feed (iCal or WebCal) to your favorite application (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.).


Reserved for users with HR permissions, reports are used to display monthly or instant information on absences, leave balances, etc.

The manager and its team

The manager is not really a role in Jorani (like "RH" or "Employee"). That is, it is not specified that a user will be an employee when created. On the other hand, when indicating the manager of an employee, the employee appointed as manager has access to information about the members of his team (all employees who have the same manager). He can, for example, visualize the balance of the holidays of one of his collaborators

  • Coming soon: List of collaborators
  • Coming soon: List of employee absence requests
  • Coming soon: Balance of leave of a collaborator

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