Why Jorani is cool?

Jorani is an open source software

Jorani is free and OSS. No hidden costs.

There is no hidden costs, no additional modules that you need to pay. Everything is available for free and the entire source code is hosted on github. The code of Jorani is distributed under a GPL v3 license.

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Simple workflows of approval. For leave and overtime requests.

With Jorani you can deploy a workflow for the leave and overtime requests of your organization. When creating en employe, specify its line manager and this manager will receive by e-mail the leave and overtime requests of its collaborators. Then, the manager can accept or reject any leave in a click.

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Workflow of leave and overtime request

Workflow of leave and overtime request

Easy reporting. Jorani speaks Excel fluently :)

Jorani is shipped with some built-in reports. For example the leave balance report. Morever, any list of the application (leaves, overtime, employees, contracts, etc.) can be exported in Excel in a click

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Describe your organization. The way you want.

With Jorani you can configure a complex organization composed of countries, branches, subsidiaries, departments, teams, etc. an attached employees to any of these entities. This will allow you to filter reports and calendars if you want to display the leaves of a given entity of your organization.

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Calendar of leaves

Calendars of leaves. To see who is on leave.

Jorani can display many leave calendars (individual, workmates, department, etc.) so as to help you in planning your activities and future leaves.

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There's an online demo. See by yourself.

Use bbalet for the login and bbalet for password.

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