Manage entitled days of an employee

For an overview of how entitlements work in Jorani, please read this article.

How to access the Entitlement page?

In Jorani, you can allocate leave credits at the contract level, but also at an employee level. This is useful for managing seniority or special leaves (maternity, paternity, unpaid leave, etc.). The days off that you enter with this page may be negative: this allows you to manage the accruals or special cases in which an employee would be entitled to fewer days than what is applied on a global contract. A typical example is when you have to manage the entitled days of a new employee.

Nothing prevents you to credit leave entitlements at the employee level rather than at the contract level and vice versa. Jorani is flexible enough to handle both situations.

Check the annual period of the contract

We'll assume that the annual vacation period is from January 1st to December 31st each year. As is the case in the contract management page for the employee:

  • Check the annual period of the contract

    The annual period is specified on the contract of the employee

How to access to the Employee's entitlements page?

The page is accessible to human resources managers from the HR / List of Employees. Choose one of the employees and right click on the corresponding line. Then click on the icon in the context menu.

  • Check the entitled days of the employee

    Time off credits allocated to the employee

This page lists all the days you have credited to the employee (since you have been using Jorani). The table contains the following columns:

  • Effective start date of the credit. This date should correspond to the start date of an annual leave period.
  • End date of credit effect. This date should be the end date of an annual vacation period, but may be less (for example, if you want the employee to take the leave in a short time).
  • Number of days off. This duration can be negative as in the example or we have removed 2 days to regularize holidays taken in advance the previous year.
  • Any type of leave you have defined.
  • An optional comment explaining the credit or debit.

If you want to delete a time off credit (for example, a special day off or seniority given to wrong), simply delete the credit line with the delete icon .

Add or subtract days off

To add (credit or debit) days off, just click the Add button below the table.

  • Add or edit the entitled days of the employee

    Pop-up for adding or editing entitiled days

This pop-up makes it possible to enter the information of a new line into the table of entitlements (data were described in the preceding paragraph).

If you want to check the effects of your entry, you can open an employee's leaves report. You will see that the third table Employee Entitled days has been updated with the credits you have allocated to the employee.

Remember that the maximum duration of an entitlement is one year.

You can use the field days to reduce the number of leaves of an employee. This is usefull to manage these use cases:

  • The employee has started to work during the current year. See a detailed explanation of this use case into this article.
  • During the previous year, an employee anticipated few days of time off. You can adjust its balance by entering a negative number.

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