How to handle new comers in Jorani?

For an overview of how entitlements work in Jorani, please read this article.

Use case: In France, leaves are counted from 06/01 until 05/31 of next year. A new employee starts on 01/01. She is legally granted with 4 entitled paid leaves for her presence from 01/01 until 06/01. How to configure Jorani for this case?

  • Use case schema

    Use case

In Jorani, entitled days can be added at a contract level (for all employees having the same contract) or at employee level. For example, if you want to give 1 day of special leave to an employee, this will be define from the HR/Employee page and not from the HR/contract (otherwise the special leave will be given to many employees). We'll use this page to handle our use case, but by adding a negative amount of days to this employee


In this example, we assumed that you have created a contract with a start period set to 06/01 and an end period set to 05/31. The employee must be created with this contract. As a reminder, the picture below illustrates where you can define such a contract in Jorani.

  • Open the page list of employees in Jorani

    Definition of a french contract

Add a negative amount of entitled days

Click on HR menu and List of employees.

  • Open the page list of employees in Jorani

    Open the page list of employees in Jorani

Click on the entitled days icon and add a negative amount of entitled days. You will enter -20 days in our example. Because the contract allows 30 days of paid leave by this new employee was not present all year. It makes 30 - 20 = 10 days of paid leave. Same thing for other kind of leaves.

  • Add a negative amount of entitled days

Leave Balance

You can now verify your configuration by launching the leave balance report.

  • Leave Balance report

    Leave Balance report

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