Verify the leaves status with the global calendar

This article explains how to use the global calendar so as to audit the leaves of your employees. As we’ll see, if the leave requests are not regularly verified, the actual leave balance of employees can be wrong.

Audit your employees

Let’s take an example. Open the global calendar (Calendars \ Global) page and select an entity (an entity can be a department, subsidiary, etc. it depends on how you defined your organization). Don’t forget to opt in “Include sub-departments” if you want to include all children entities.

For the sake of the example, let’s imagine that the current date is October the first. With the screenshot below, we notice some potential problems:

  • Linda has requested a leave, but her leave request was neither accepted nor rejected by her line manager.
  • Leakhena has planned a leave, but she has never submitted it to her line manager.
  • Calendar of organization

    Calendar of organization

Managers should check if these employees have actually taken their leave or not (in other words, did they leave their work or did they actually work).

How to fix the problem?

You can fix this situation by many ways:

  • For the planned leaves, you can ask to the employees to delete their leave requests if they actually worked the day they planned to leave the office.
  • Contact the manager so as to either accept or reject any pending request.
  • As explained into this article, HR managers and officer can edit any leave request and fix these situations.


Please note that LMS doesn’t automatically reject the planned leave request not does it automatically validate the requested leaves after a delay. We didn’t make this choice because it can cause mistakes either in behalf or in the detriment of employees. We believe that managers should be closely involved in tracking the time and leaves of their collaborators.

If LMS is used for the monthly payroll the verification described into this article should be done before the end of each month.

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