How to start using Jorani?

Thank you for evaluating or using Jorani. This product has been designed in order to be easy to learn and use. However, if you need more explanation, this website contains the documentation of each page of the software along with articles describing global processes and workflows.

Jorani has been designed with few controls and mandatory fields. It contains a simple workflow for leave and overtime approval. But please note that using the features described into this article is not mandatory, these functionnalities are here to ease the life of your employees.

  1. Install the software (see Readme on Github or docs/install for advanced options and troubleshooting).
  2. Setup contracts. A contract defines when the annual counter of leaves starts and ends. You can define what are the non-working days on each contract.
  3. Add entitled days to a contract.
  4. Setup positions.
  5. Review the pre-defined list of leave types and complete it or translate them.
  6. Optionally, describe your organization in entities and sub-entities.
  7. Create employees an select their contracts. Optionnaly, enter his entity (if you have describe your organization). We counsel you to start from the top manager and to end by the lower employees. If you do so, it will be easier to select the line managers of the employees you are creating.
  8. Optionally, add entitled days to an employee (seniority, carry over leaves, etc.).

From this point, your employees will be able to submit new leaves. And you will have access to a report of the leave balance.

If you need more explanations about a feature or if you want a video of demonstration explaining how to use a functionnality, don't hesitate to contact us.

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