How to view the leaves of all employees?

The page "Calendar of the organization" that you can display from the menu Calendar and Global allows you to display the leaves calendar of any entity of your organization.


You must have created some users and configure your organization as describe here. In order for the calendar to be populated, employees must be attached to entities and they must have submitted leaves to their line managers.

How to use the global calendar?

Login to Jorani and open from the menu Calendar and Global. You need to select an entity of your organization by clicking on the select. Depending on how your organization has been configured in Jorani, an entity may be a department, a team or a country.

  • How to open the select entity pop-up

    How to set the filter on the entity?

In the pop-up, choose the entity. Here, we will choose the root entity. It means that we want to display the leave calendar of all the organization.

  • Choose an entity of your organization

But if we stop here, nothing will be displayed on the calendar. What we need to do next is to tell to Jorani to include all the sub-entity of the root entity. For example, to include all countries, subsidiaries and departments in this calendar. We can do that by opting Include sub-departments.

  • Include sub-entities in your filter

The calendar now displays the leaves of all employees.

  • Leaves of all employees

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