Managing entitlements for contracts and employees

Jorani allows you to entitle a given number of days to an employee or a list of employees. Then, when an employee takes a time off, this number of entitled days is decreased according to the length of the time off and by taking into account the non-working days. You can learn more about this mechanism by reading the article explaining how the leave duration is automatically calculated by Jorani

Entitlement days can be allocated:

  • To a group of employees, through their common contract (from HR/List of contracts). A typical example is for paid leaves.
  • To an employee (from HR/List of employees). A typical example is for seniority leaves.

Jorani is flexible enough to manage various counters of entitlement (or leave type). For example, you can distinguish “Seniority leave” from “Paid leave” or “Sick Leave”. In some cases, you can instruct Jorani to deduct the non-working days from a counter of entitlement. It is useful for some countries where Saturday and Sunday (even if they are non-working days) are counted as working days during a maternity leave. See the page managing leave types for more details.

An entitlement is generally a credit of time off given to an employee (i.e. a positive number), but this number can be negative. This behaviour allows you to handle the case of new employees joining your organization in the middle of the year. Basically, the idea is to entitle them the normal amount of paid leaves through their contracts. And the first year, you can subtract the pro rata of time off going from the start of the year until their arrival. An example is a country where you have entitled 24 days of paid leaves a year. But if you join the structure the first day of July, you should be entitled of 12 days of paid leave. More details are given into the article describing how to manage the entitled days of new employees.

Employees, Line managers and HR Officers/Managers can consult the leave balance (the counters of remaining time off grouped by types) from various parts of the application:

  • The page "My counters" gives to an employee a complete explanation of how was calculated this counter.
  • The page Approval/My subordinates/Leave Balance shows the leave balance of a collaborator to its manager before validating any leave request.
  • The page HR/List of employees/Leave Balance shows the same insight to HR Officers and Managers.

And of course, these various configuration and inputs are used by the reports available in the application.

How it works

The picture below helps you to understand the main concepts of Jorani. Every organization has a vacation annual period for which they keep track of the number of days taken by employees for their time off. Each employee has a kind of annual counter for each kind of leave type. These counters are decremented each time a leave request is accepted.

  • Which entitlements is debited when requesting a time off

    Relation between entitlements and leave requests

So, an entitlement is a kind of counter for a given leave type.

A leave request will decrease an entitlement according to the respective periods of the time off and the entitlement. In the example:

  • Leave Request 1 will decrease the entitlement A
  • Leave Request 2 will decrease the entitlement A
  • Leave Request 3 will decrease the entitlement "Carry over"
  • Leave Request 4 will decrease the entitlement B
  • Leave Request 5 will decrease the entitlement "Seniority"

If you want to use Jorani, you must understand the following rules:

  • An entitlement cannot long more than one year (it can be less than a year).
  • A leave request cannot overlap two entitlements. Said otherwise, a leave request cannot overlap two yearly periods. You need to ask your staff to cut them in two parts.
  • You cannot use the leave type #0 for something else than compensation.

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