Presentation of the version 0.1.4

This article explains the new features contained into the versions 0.1.2, 0.1.3 and 0.1.4 of Jorani.

Key features and enhancements

  • LDAP support. For the moment, we support simple authentication schemes (i.e. users are all into the same OU), but this covers the needs of 90% of users.
  • The latest version of Jorani add some enhancements for the end user experience. For example, animations have been added everywhere where the application is waiting for an answer of the server. This will clarify some case where you use Jorani with a slow Internet connection and when you don"t know if your action has been taken into account.
  • Some efforts have been made to ease the installation on mutual web hosting environement.
  • This version prepares the support of more languages and fixes a bug with the reporting of overtime.
  • JQuery Datable and FullCalendar have been migrated to their latest versions. It is clearer and it fixes a sorting bug.
  • A page requirements.php has been added to the root folder allowing you check your installation.
  • .htaccess now contains a clear message displayed when you've forgotten to enable Apache's rewrite module.
  • A (memorized) filter has been added in HR/Employees pages, allowing to filter the list of employees by entity.
  • It is now possible to set the reply e-mail address in config/config.php.

Some bugs have been fixed (refer to Github repository for the list).

LDAP support

Since version 0.1.2, it is possible to use LDAP for login to Jorani. Here is the process:

Users must be created into Jorani as usual. However, there is two important points:

  • The username must be the same than the LDAP account.
  • Don’t worry about password, simply click on generate password (as Jorani will use the password stored into LDAP).
  • Jorani doesn't use LDAP for determining privileges (HR or user). The role is still defined into Jorani.

Database installation script

We improved the database creation script for those trying to install Jorani in a shared web hosting environment. Advanced users may consider recreating the procedures used by Jorani (they are 3 at the beginning of the SQL script into sql/lms.sql).

Upgrade instructions

  • Download the latest release from Github
  • Save config.php, email.php and database.php.
  • Patch PHP files.
  • There is no change into the database model.

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