How to request a leave?

To request a leave, select request a leave from the menu Requests; then fill this form:

  • Leave request form

  • Enter the start date of the leave and select morning if you won't be at the office from the morning ; or select afternoon if you will be at the office at the morning, but not here the afternoon.
  • Enter the end date of the leave and select morning if you come back working the afternoon. Otherwise select afternoon if you will be at the office at the following day.
  • Enter the duration of the leave. Note that the duration is not automatically computed by Jorani.
  • Choose the leave type (paid, maternity, paternity, special, sick leave, etc.)
  • Optionally, you can fill the cause of your leave.

Then you can select two statuses:

  • If you just plan to take a leave, but you're not sure. Your manager will not receive an e-mail as long as you don't choose the Requested status. Select the Planned status instead.
  • If you are sure, select the "Requested" status. Then your manager will not receive an e-mail inviting him to accept or reject your leave request.

If your line manager cannot access to Jorani to validate your request, please contact an administrator. An administrator can edit any leave request.

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