How to maintain the list of job types?

The job list page is available to users with HR rights. The purpose of the page is to list the job types of your structure. An employee can then be associated to a job type. However this information is not used by Jorani for calculations or an automated function. This information is purely informative and is displayed in the leave status report.

How to use this feature?

If you have administrative permissions, you can open the page from the HR menu and List of positions.

  • Manage the list of job positions in Jorani

    List of positions in Jorani

This page allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Delete a position with the trash icon .
  • Edit an item with the pencil icon .
  • Export the list to Excel with the Export this list button.
  • Create an item type with the Create position button.


The information entered into this page is for guidance only. Jorani, will not use this list for any management or calculation rule. For example, a position has no influence on vacation credits (entitlements).

This information can be useful for sorting or filtering lists, exports or reports. A use case is the list of employees in which this information appears in the last column. You could then filter the list by typing the job title into the search field (top right of the list of employees).

After selecting the employees matching your search criteria, you could use one of the bulk editing functions. As in this screenshot where I want to create the same leave request for all managers:

  • Get the list of employees who occupy a certain position

    Employees filtered by position

Again, entering this information is optional and only serves to obtain indicative information in pages and reports.

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