How to exclude some leave type from a contract?

In some cases, it can be useful to exclude leave types that are not relevant for a group of employees. For example, imagine that you've created a contract in order to group the employees having a 6 month contract. It would be irrelevant to let them the possibility to choose "Seniority leave" type when they submit a leave request.

It is possible with Jorani to exclude a given leave type for a group of employees sharing the same contract. This feature is available from the page "List of contracts". From the list of contracts, find the contract on which you want to exclude leave types and click on the ban icon ():

  • Click on the ban icon if you want to avoid an employee to use a leave type

    List of contracts in Jorani

In the example below, we have excluded the leave type "Special leave" from a contract named "Global". We have excluded it by clicking on the remove icon () when it was into the list Included leave types.

  • With this contract, employees cannot use excluded leave types

    List of excluded leave types on a contract

The result of this configuration is that employees linked to "Global" contract cannot use the "Special leave" type. In other words, when these employees try to submit a new leave request, they can't choose the excluded leave on their contract.

  • Manage the common attributes of a group of employees

    You cannot choose the excluded leave type

You cannot exclude all leave types on a contract. The system will prevent you from deleting sensitive leave types.

You cannot exclude leave types already in use (used at least one time by en employee attached to the contract) and the default leave type (set on the contract or into the configuration file).

  • Manage the common attributes of a group of employees

    List of excluded leave types on a contract

On the page above, you can see some icons and text effects:

  • A badge with a number (2) indicates the number of leave requests for a leave type and the current contract.
  • An exclamation point () indicates that the leave type is used (leave requests using this type leave exist).
  • The star icon () indicates the default leave type.
  • The remove icon () denotes a leave type that you can safely delete.

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