Login to the application

You can't use Jorani if your are not a user of the application. An administrator must create your account in Jorani if you need to access to the application. As described later, an email is sent to you once your account is created.

Jorani has a lot of connection options but most of the time, the login page looks as below:

  • Enter your credentials for using Jorani

    Sign in to the application

Enter your login and your password and click on the Login button or press the enter key.

Most common connection method

If you are not an administrator or you didn't install Jorani, you should have received an e-mail with your credentials. Please use the the login and password provided in the e-mail. For example :

Your account has been created

Welcome to Jorani test TEST. Please use these credentials to login to the system :
Login		ttest
Password	E2;q3%l2#
Once connected, you can change your password, as explained here.

If the password is difficult to remember, you can change it as explained into this article.

Jorani can use an internal directory

Some companies use an internal directory (called LDAP or AD). If your company uses such a system, the email differs a bit.

Your account has been created

Welcome to Jorani test TEST. Please use these credentials to login to the system :
Login		ttest
Password	The password you use in order to open a session on your operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.).

If it is the case, you need to use the same password that you use when you connect to your computer. You need to contact the administrator of Jorani or your helpdesk if you have trouble or if you want to change this password.

Using Google Suite

If your company is using GSuite they may have activated a cool feature of Jorani. If you are lucky, you don't need to enter any login or password. Just click the button with a Google icon (). A pop-up may appear, if it appears it means that you have more than one Google account. Select your Google account that you use for work:

  • Select the appropriate Google account

    Using Google Suite to connect

In case of error

In case of problem with your account, Jorani will display an error message:

  • Jorani shows an error message while trying to login

    Troubleshooting connection error messages

This can be caused by various issues:

  • You've made a mistake with you login.
  • The password you've entered contains a typo or is the wrong password.
  • The HR administrator/Officer has disabled your account.

Please try again or contact an administrator. An HR Officer/Manager can reset your password. Once your password has been reset by someone else, you will receive this email:

  Your password has been reset

Please use these credentials to login to the system :

Login	bbalet
Password	N751Ofjzno

Once connected, you can change your password, as explained here.

From this point you must use the new credentials provided into this email and stop to use the login and password you used before. Of course, you can change this password if you don't like it.

When you've just installed Jorani

If you are an administrator or after a fresh installation, The first time you log to the application, you can use the login bbalet and connect to Jorani with the password bbalet. This default account should be deleted in production.

Once you are connected, you can change this default password. See this article to see how you can change the default admin password.

I don't remember my password

If you have not changed your password, search into your mailbox for an e-mail with the subject [Jorani] Your account has been created and use the provided credentials.

If you have changed your password and you don't remember it, contact an administrator and ask him to change your password.

Another option (if your company doesn't use LDAP) is to click the button Send me my password:

  • Reset your password from the login page

    Asking for a password renewal

If you can't see this button, you need to contact your HR Officer/Administrator or helpdesk, because your company has desactivated the feature. In this situation, only an IT Staff can help you.

Security features

Jorani is a secured system :

  • Jorani requires valid credentials and an active connection to perform any operation.
  • Nobody can intercept your password even if you don't use a secured connection (HTTPS).
  • Your password is ciphered into the database, so nobody can read it.

For more information about the security features implemented in Jorani, please refer to this article.

We recommend to set up a secured website when you install Jorani (it means that it will be accessed by a URL starting by HTTPS://)

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