Delegating the validation of leave requests

How to handle cases where the line manager is absent and when it can not validate leave requests of its employees? Of course, it is possible for a HR officer to validate any request by modifying it. But the functionality we explain in this article allows a manager to appoint any employee who will temporarily or permanently replace him. In other words , this appointed employee will receive notification emails when a leave is requested (normally received by the manager). This employee will be able to validate them instead of the manager.

As long as the delegation exists, employees with delegation may approve requests. In order to terminate a delegation, simply revoke it.

Permanent Delegation or limited in time ?

In Jorani, there is no difference between the two notions. One could say that a delegation is permanent until it is revoked. Of course, we can recreate a delegation that was revoked .


To set up a delegation, select "delegations" in the "Validation" menu. Just click on the Add button, then select the employee that will be able to validate leave requests submitted to you.

  • Delegation of the validation of leave requests

    Delegation of the validation of leave requests

To end a delegation, delete the corresponding row in this table by clicking on the cross icon.

A user with HR rights can edit the list of delegations of any employee.

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