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Leave and Overtime Management System. You can get help on our forum and fork us on github.

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What version of PHP is recommended for Jorani?


We realised a benchmark of the different PHP versions (5.3 up to PHPng and HHVM) so as to recommend a runtime. Read »


Delegate validation leave


A manager may temporarily or permanently entrusts with the validation of requests for leave to another employee, is the delegation. Read »


High performance with nginx and HHVM


Jorani is compatible with HHVM and nginx. This tutorial explains how to achieve a high performance installation. Read »


Description of the configuration file


It is possible to customize the behavior of Jorani by modifying the main configuration file. Read »


Installing Jorani on Ubuntu server


How to install Jorani on Ubuntu? What is the default password? Here's a complete tutorial. Read »


v0.1.4 is released


Jorani now offers a better end user experience by taking into account users using a slow Internet connection. Read »