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05/05/2015 Delegate validation leave A manager may temporarily or permanently entrusts with the validation of requests for leave to another employee, is the delegation.
10/09/2014 Page validation of leave requests If you are the line manager of one or more employees, this page allows you to list the pending or all leave requests.
10/09/2014 Getting started This article guides you step by step in you deployment of Jorani. This tool is easy but you should respect this process of configuration.
07/09/2014 How to modify and create users? HR officer and manager can manage the list of users of the Jorani application.
07/09/2014 How to manage ermployees? The list of employees page allows HR officer and manager to manage the leave, overtime and entitled days of employees.
07/09/2014 How to modify and create leave types? HR officer and manager can manage the list of leave types. They can create, modify or delete any leave type except the compensate leave type.
24/05/2014 Personnal Leave Balance report View your individual leave counters. How many days are entitled to you and how many you've taken.
24/05/2014 Login to Jorani application Once your acoount has been created, you can login to the application. This article explains how to solve connection problems.
24/05/2014 Page leave balance Report How to get the total count of entitled and taken days for each employee of your organization with Jorani?
24/05/2014 How to use the global calendar page? The global calendar page allows you to display the leaves of all the organization or to filter by department
20/05/2014 Page create a new user Jorani contains a simple user management system that allows you to create employees and attach them to an line manager and more.
19/05/2014 How to configure your organization in Jorani? Jorani allows you to describe your oraganization in terms of branches, departments, teams, etc. And to attach employees to entities.
16/05/2014 How to request a leave? How to create and submit your first leave request? How to send it to your line manager for approval?