Deducing leave duration with non-working days

The feature describes into this article allows you to display non-working days on the calendar pages and to automatically calculate the duration of a leave. It means that when an employee will enter the start and end dates for a leave request, Jorani will automatically calculate the duration of a leave by taking into account the non-working days (public days off and week-end) defined on a contract (an example is given at the end of this article).


You must have created a contract and an employee attached to this contract

How to define the non-working days?

Login to the application with an account having "hr" role. Access to the page "List of contracts" from the HR menu. Choose the line containing the contract you want to modify and click on the calendar icon ():

  • List of contracts from HR menu

    List of contracts from HR menu

This will open a page displaying a full year calendar. You can change the year being display by clicking on the buttons for previous or next years.

This calendar displays the working and non-working days. Please note that you can define half non-working days (morning or afternoon).

If non-working days are already defined, they will appear as half or entire non-working days. You can define a non-working day with the following duration :

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Entire day

If no icon is displayed on a day, it means that it is a working day. Below an example where every week-end (saturday and sunday) is defined as non-working days:

  • List of employees

    Define the non-working days of a contract

You can click on any day on this calendar to create, update or delete this day as a non working day. If you click on any day of this calendar, a popup will appear and allow you to perform these operations:

  • Rename the title of the non-working day.
  • Change the duration (Morning, Afternoon or the Entire day).
  • Delete a non-working day. Note that the delete button will not appear if you click on a working day.
  • Edit a non-working day

    Edit a non-working day (delete button doesn't appear for working days)

You can define a series of non-working days by clicking on the "Series of non-working days" button. Let's imagine that you want to define every sunday of the year as a non-working day. You would click on the button and fill the pop-up as with this example:

  • Edit a series of non-working days

    Edit a series of non-working days

In order to delete a series of non-working days, open the pop-up, choose the period and select "As a Working day".

Calculation of the leave duration

If the non-working days are correctly defined on the contract of the connected employee, the duration of a leave request is automatically calaculated (provided that the start and end dates are entered):

  • Leave request: calculation of the leave duration

    Leave request: calculation of the leave duration

Please note that Jorani allows the employees to overwrite this value.

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